We love our GFX community!

Get ready for an exciting update from GFX! We’ve had a successful event and even more fun is on the horizon.

Schedule Changes: Elevating Your Fitness Experience

Get ready to elevate your fitness journey with our refreshed class schedule:

  • 12:30 Hip Hop Yoga Sculpt with Kimberly: Experience the invigorating blend of movement and sculpting in Kimberly’s dynamic class.
  • 12:30 Flex Box with Tara: Revitalize your midday routine with Tara’s high-energy Flex Box class.
  • Erin’s Signature Classes: Erin’s motivational classes continue to inspire and challenge you.
  • Extended Thursday Evening Classes with Kimberly: Join Kimberly for an evening workout at the new 4:30 PM and 5:30 PM slots.

Successful Event: Red Light Therapy Wellness Event Recap

Our recent Red Light Therapy Wellness Event was a major success, thanks to your enthusiastic participation! We had so many of you members lay in the POD and gain all the benefits in just 15 mins. We enjoyed insights from experts like Dr. Erin Biller and a delightful presentation from Balanced by Shakti Mushroom Company. Your commitment to wellness shines through, and we are here for it!

Stay Connected and Inspired

As summer wraps up, we’re planning to bid it farewell in style! Save the date for our End-of-Summer Party happening in September. Get ready for an evening of workouts community, and a whole lot of fun.

Keep the inspiration alive by following us on social media. There’s more to come, and your dedication keeps our community thriving.

GFX is where fitness and community meet!

Meet you at the X –> 722 Genevieve St. Suite A Solana Beach 92075

GFX is not just a gym…

GFX is not just a gym, a group fitness class, or a space to workout for 45 minutes. It is a space to come feel welcome, feel safe, feel strong, and feel the good vibes! We laugh, we sweat, we cry, and we sometimes think we are going to throw up… but it is always worth it, and you never ever leave regretting walking in and taking those 45 minutes for yourself. Friends chit chat the entire time and the 45 minute workout flies by. You meet new friends each class you take, you can set new intentions and goals each class you take, you can dance to great music each class you take! This quick Tabata style workout keeps your muscles guessing, no need for burpees here! We get a little more creative if we throw in a little cardio…we do not have “cardio days” we have consistent full body workout days! 😉

Our state-of-the-art equipment here at GFX allows our coaches to get creative with fun, challenging, booty lifting, ab tightening, leg shaking, arm toning workouts! Come in bring, your water bottle, your towel, and your intentions for your workout. Set a goal, achieve it here at GFX, day by day, minute by minute. The people here are salt of the earth, come check it out for yourself. The jams, aren’t so bad either!

GFX is where fitness and community meet.

Meet you at the X –> 722 Genevieve St. Suite A Solana Beach 92075