Refer a friend!

For the next week or so GFX is rewarding members for referring a friend! The member with the most friends that sign up for a package or membership is the winner. Working out with friends is always more fun, why not win a free facial and dinner on us while you’re at it?! Solana Skin Care Studio and SB Kitchen both donated prizes for 1st and 2nd place.
We have a few fun events coming up so don’t forget to check our social media and website for fun additions and announcements. We cannot wait for to meet some new faces and continue to create the infectious community here at GFX!

We cannot wait to throw our next party. They are always a huge success! Kimberly felt the love and our members had a blast working out, drinking, eating and celebrating. Special thanks to Carruth Winery and Crust Pizza here in Solana Beach for donating the pizza and wine.
Kimberly wants to THANK each and every member and friend that came and brought her a gift or came and showed her love. It meant the world to her! Thank you GFX community. XoXo

Some schedule changes + adding some new fun workouts and new events to the calendar. Make sure you don’t miss anything new and fun announced. Always check out our social media and app!

GFX is where fitness and community meet!

Meet you at the X –> 722 Genevieve St. Suite A Solana Beach 92075

GFX’s party was a HIT

Our members had a fun time, we worked up a sweat, we ate pizza drank Ashland’s and danced to the DJ. We will have more parties soon so look out for announcements in our newsletters and o our Instagram. We have some great videos from the arty posted on our social media @gfxfit! We will be announcing the next party soon, it will be the end of next month around the spooky holiday! Going to be so much fun! You are not going to want to miss out again! We had such a good turn out and our members are our favorite people so we wanted to offer their friends and family and ANY NEW MEMBERS an unlimited two weeks for $89! Mind blown, I know! Get addicted to the workouts, meet new friends, laugh, and sweat with us for two weeks and we promise you are going to want to come back for more and more! Head over to the website or our app to check out the deal before we no longer offer it.

GFX is where fitness and community meet.

Meet you at the X –> 722 Genevieve St. Suite A Solana Beach 92075

Post-Grand Opening!

GFX the new group fitness gym in Solana Beach hosted their GRAND OPENING this past Friday evening, and it did not disappoint! The workouts were packed with high energy and sweaty smiles! The DJ was exactly the GFX vibe, and the local vendors we had were a perfect fit. Scott and Kimberly are about supporting local, keeping it extremely authentic, and cultivating a vibe that is so infectious you cannot help but become addicted! GFX in Solana Beach is the place to be, that was made a fact Friday! The GFX members, friends, strangers (that are now friends) that came and worked out, ate Crust Pizza, snacked on Sumptuous Cookies, devoured out giant Edible Arrangement, and sipped Ashland’s made and set the entire VIBE for the evening. That is all everyone kept saying… “this place has such a good vibe, I love the vibe, GFX has a vibe…” We just kept hearing that word, and it brings music to Kimberly and Scott’s ears. They want an authentic vibe that is inviting, engaging, and uplifting all while kicking your butt in a great workout! If you missed the party, it is all good. We will host more local events soon, meanwhile come try a Tabata style workout and meet Scott and Kimberly!

THANK YOU to all that did come and join us for our Grand Opening! We could not do it without you.

GFX is where fitness and community meet.

Meet you at the X

722 Genevieve St. Suite A Solana Beach 92075