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  • GFX hosted a Stem Cell Seminar!

    GFX recently hosted a Stem Cell Seminar with the Cellular Renewal Clinic based out of Tijuana. The entire presentation was mind blowing to say the least! SO much information and education was digested on Saturday. Cellular Renewal Clinic came for Tijuana and did not disappoint. These doctors are worldly and have practiced medicine in several different countries. Brilliant is not even close to describe the knowledge these doctors have on stem, cells, disease, and the body alone. We are going to be hosting a group of members on a trip down so stay on the look out for any announcements about that. Space will be limited, so we will be taking a bus down with a medical pass at the border, so we just go right through! Please visit their website, follow them on social media, and reach out with any questions. The entire team at Cellular Renewal Clinic are kind and knowledgeable. We are so excited for what benefits this will offer our members and family members. Kimberly is headed down to the clinic with Claudia on the 27th, so she will be back with information, and she will be getting a few different procedures done. Check back with out girl soon for the details on her visit. 

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